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Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2015

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Along with the successful exhibited in the Global Source Electronics Show, our products won many affirmative from domestic and foreign customers, no matter from the design or the sound quality.


Many people found our booth according to the high quality sound from the speakers only, and expressed their cooperation intention on the spot.
We released five portable bluetooth speakers in this show, and one of models-P5 favored by a famous brand company and we have reached a cooperation agreement at present.

Our two new portable bluetooth speakers P2 and P6 which has WIFI function based on NFC connection, and other wireless products e.g.C3.C5-1.C5-2.P3.P5 will also be showed at the same time in CES of 2016.

International CES, more commonly known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, attracting major companies and industry professionals worldwide. The annual show is held each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas,Nevada,United States. Not open to the public, the Consumer Electronics Association- sponsored show typically hosts previews of products and new product announcements.

MONPOS always insisted on innovation and focus on quality, try to provide the best product to customer. It's our big honor as our products can be showed in CES, we believe MONPOS will become better and better!


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